Student Projects

Would you like to be an author or contributor?

Once you have worked through one or more of the computational modeling projects in the Learn-Do pages or in the CMWG-2020 pages, please consider submitting your own project! Once this project is validated by our scientists and computational modelers, we will help you post it to these pages.

See below for example students projects and instructions on submitting your very own!

This project was created by three students as part of a Girls Who Code afterschool program.

This project was created by two high school interns as part of an ISB Internship. They use Loopy to describe the work of four superhero scientists. The time estimate for working through the activities is 30-60 minutes.

Follow these instructions to learn more about SageModeler and to apply what you have learned to create a model of a system of your choice.

Share Your Model

Once you have created a modeling project, please share it so that others can learn from you! These projects will give others new skills to creatively solve problems. You may even inspire them to design their own models. Within the scientific community, we value collaboration to further our collective understanding of the world.

For more examples of student projects, please see our Workgroups pages

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