During the Summer of 2020, 42 rising 12th grade students used their quarantine time to join 3 educators and 15 STEM Professionals to learn how computational modeling can be used to solve complex problems.

Overall Student Goals:

  1. Learn about and improve skills and confidence for using computational modeling to gain insight into systems.

  2. Contribute to the series by:

    • authoring a model with connected instructional materials and/or

    • highlighting computational scientists and their work

  3. Showcase learning and amplify student voices via a website and online showcase event

In order to accomplish these goals, students...

  • worked through Learn-Do activities independently and together based on their own interest and the time they had available,

  • learned to use many tools, techniques and methods,

  • expanded their professional network by learning from and working with scientists, programmers, and other STEM professionals,

  • expanded their peer network by meeting other students in Washington State, California, Connecticut and Georgia who are interested in using computer science to understand biology, and

  • applied and shared their new skills by creating a modeling project for others to learn from!

Tools Learned and/or Used

Mentors and Advisors

Learn more and/or contact us through email - see@isbscience.org or through our main websites - https://see.isbscience.org and https://isbscience.org.

Funding to support the development of these activities and experiences was provided by the National Science Foundation Award DBI-1565166 & 0640950. The content of these pages was created by students for students with the help of teachers, scientists and the Jones Family Foundation. The views expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of ISB, NSF or JFF.