About Us

We are high school and college students. We are educators and professors. We are scientists and math enthusiasts. We are artists and collaborative people who care about our world.

We want to catalyze change and solve problems. We are always learning. We use computational and systems thinking to gain insight into our complex world and to guide our next steps. We hope you will join us!

Systems Education Experiences (SEE)

SEE is a student-teacher-scientist partnership program that was founded by Dr. Nitin S. Baliga at ISB in 2003.

SEE's mission is to cultivate interdisciplinary skills for solving complex problems. SEE does this by bringing together collaborative teams of people to learn and do science together. This happens during internships, ambassador programs, courses and workgroups. SEE teams then translate that scientific research into classroom-ready curriculum modules that teachers can use to guide middle and high school students through authentic STEM investigations.

In many cases, students themselves can move through these STEM investigations. When we field-tested instructional materials on computational modeling we learned that high school students were ready, now, no matter their math level to use our instructional materials. In fact, they were even ready to translate their own learning into NEW, more advanced materials, that others could learn from. This revelation began a cycle of learning and contributing that began in 2014 and continues today.

Institute for Systems Biology (ISB)

ISB was created in 2000 as the first-ever institute dedicated to systems biology.

ISB is a collaborative and cross-disciplinary nonprofit biomedical research organization based in Seattle. They focus on some of the most pressing issues in human health, including brain health, cancer, sepsis and aging, as well as many chronic and infectious diseases.

A focal point of ISB is making STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education a reality for every student regardless of race, gender or socioeconomic status. For over 20 years, ISB’s vision has been for all students to graduate ready to learn, thrive, work and engage in a STEM-rich society. ISB's programs nurture excitement and aspiration in teachers and their students, help students do authentic science around current and culturally relevant STEM content, and provide exemplary resources to support career trajectories and life pathways. As first and foremost a science research institute, we have a unique perspective on STEM education and offer the extremely relevant experience of our own STEM-professionals in all of our education work.

The Team Coordinating the Work

Currently, this group of STEM educators and enthusiasts are leading students as they build their systems thinking and computational modeling skills.

Claudia Ludwig Director, Systems Education Experiences
Rachel Calder Education Coordinator, SEE and ISB
Linda Yan, Bellevue High School Student, Artist and 2020 Intern
Brooke Ury, Brown University Undergraduate and 2019-2020 Intern
Ellie Rider, North Kitsap High School Teacher and ISB Scholar 2019-2020
Dr. Nitin Baliga, Professor & ISB Senior Vice President

The Authors & Contributors

In addition to the team above, the folks below have built and/or contributed to models that have been validated and highlighted on our Learn-Do pages.

Dr. Aaron Brooks, Research Scientist, EMBL
Dr. Adrian Lopez Garcia de Lomana, Research Scientist, ISB
Andrew Liu, 2019-2020 High School & Undergraduate Intern
Anna Farrell-Sherman, 2014-2015 High School Intern, ISB
Annabelle Smith, Liberty High School Student and 2018 Intern
Anne Gillies, ISB Teacher Scholar 2019-2020
Anne Thompson, Research Assistant Professor, Portland State University
Barb Steffens, ISB Teacher Scholar 2015-2020
Chris Lausted Senior Research Engineer, ISB
Dr. David Reiss, Senior Research Scientist, ISB
Dr. Dexter Chapin, ISB Teacher Scholar, 2013-2019
Isiac Orr, 2016 High School Intern & 2018 Lab Assistant
Jessica Day, Teacher & Project Manager, ISB
Mari Knutson-Herbert, Lynden High School Teacher & ISB Scholar 2009-2020
Dr. Martin Shelton, Postdoctoral Fellow, ISB
Dr. Meredith Jennings, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Miami,
Michael Huang,High School Student & 2017 Intern
Dr. Monica Orellana, Principal Scientist, ISB and University of Washington
Dr. Sarah Bercovici, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Washington
Sarah Brossow, Lynden High School Student, Artist and 2018 Intern
Steve Roderick, Teacher Scholar, ISB & Concord Consortium
William Wick 2017 High School Student & Intern

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, 42 high school students from 4 different US states, used their "pandemic time" to join together to learn and build models that you can use. Learn more about these amazing individuals, their projects, and view the website they designed and created to showcase their work.

Learn more and/or contact us through email - see@isbscience.org or through our main websites - https://see.isbscience.org and https://isbscience.org.

Funding to support the development of these activities and experiences was provided by the National Science Foundation Award DBI-1565166 & 0640950. The content of these pages was created by students for students with the help of teachers, scientists and the Jones Family Foundation. The views expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of ISB, NSF or JFF.