West Seattle Bridge

by Caitlin Jago



This project immerses the user in a 360 degree image in which they can explore the West Seattle Bridge. They will learn about a proposed bridge design that would bring multiple environmental, economic, and social benefits to the whole system of the West Seattle Bridge area.

Tools used: ThingLink, Loopy


When you click on the link, it will take you to a 360 degree image. Start by clicking on the yellow star icon. It will give you some background before you continue. After you read the background information, go explore! Click on each icon to find out how that section of the old bridge will be changed in the proposed sustainable version.


Plus Sign

Reveals a better solution for aspects of the bridge currently lacking.

Info mark

Provides extra information and context for the adjacent aspect.


A loopy model. Loopy is a website that models small systems. Click on the arrows to begin the animation. Experiment with increasing or decreasing different nodes.


This icon will take you to another 360 image view of the bridge and surrounding area.

Additional Information:

B+H article: Build the West Seattle Bridge to Last — with Local Timber

Matthias Olt:

  • This bridge concept is the original idea of local architect Matthias Olt

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courtesy of B+H Architects

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